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Pro Tips

Get Your Plumbing Ready for the Winter

Winter is coming and before temperatures drop to extreme levels, you will need to take the time to winterise your home’s plumbing. Pipes, drains and all other parts of a standard plumbing system are incredibly vulnerable to low temperatures and if you do not prep the for the coldest season of the year, you may…

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What Your Electrician Wants You to Know

Every household has an electrical system that needs to be upgraded or fixed from time to time. For a more complex work, you will hire a reputable electrical service in London. However, there are some fixtures you can take care of yourself but first, you need to be familiar with how it all works to…

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5 Signs That You Should Change Your Power Points

Many of the properties in London date back the 18th and 19th centuries. As a result, the electrical systems which they have are very outdated and that can be dangerous for a number of different reasons. Similar is the case with the power points in many residential properties around the UK. If you fail to…

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5 Quick Tips on Making Your Home Senior-Friendly

As we get older and older, some simple everyday tasks can suddenly turn into a huge challenge. Climbing the stairs, taking a shower, opening a kitchen cupboard… everything requires greater efforts. That is why if you have an elderly person living in your home, you should make a few quick but vital changes to ensure…

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Tips for a Pest-Free Summer

Chances are that your favourite season is summer. There are many good reasons for this. One of the main drawbacks of the warm, sunny weather, however, is that pests of all sorts are in abundance and they easily find their way into our homes. In order to prevent unpleasant infestations that bring health hazards and…

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Home Maintenance Chores You Need to Do Once a Year

Every responsible homeowner has a list of maintenance chores somewhere in the house. Maintaining a property in a good condition requires a lot of efforts and consistency. For example, every month you need to: Clean your sink disposal; Check your fire extinguisher; Clean air-conditioning filters; Most of these tasks do not take a lot of…

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Easy DIY Plumbing Tips and Tricks


Pluming work around your house might cause you headaches. But in order to avoid it, there are few simple and cost-effective ways to solve some of the most common household problems. To avoid costly service call, here are few tips you can follow, that will save you both money and time. How to unclog a…

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A Dilemma between Renovating and Replacing


It’s been years since you moved into your place, and the time has come to get some work done. You see the cracked tiles in the bathroom, damaged and scratched kitchen cabinets, faucets leaking, and other. However, people usually have a dilemma between choosing to renovate a bathroom, kitchen or other room in the house,…

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