Get Your Plumbing Ready for the Winter

Winter is coming and before temperatures drop to extreme levels, you will need to take the time to winterise your home’s plumbing. Pipes, drains and all other parts of a standard plumbing system are incredibly vulnerable to low temperatures and if you do not prep the for the coldest season of the year, you may need to deal with some of these problems later:

  • Frozen pipes
  • Broken hot water heater
  • Clogged drains
  • Leaks

So, roll up your sleeves and get to work today.

Check for problems and fix them now

If some of your pipes are leaking or are clogged, fix them while the weather outside is still bearable. Do not postpone this because chances are that these problems will only get more serious with each day. Having to deal with them when temperatures drop below zero is not a very pleasant experience even for the most well-equipped plumbers in London.

Turn off outdoor faucets

Drain the all outdoor pipes and then shut off the faucets that are installed outside of your home. If you do not do that, the water in them will freeze and that can make the pipes crack beyond repair leaving you with no other option but to completely replace them if you want to use them again.

Consider installing heat cables or insulating the pipes

Even pipes that are inside your house can be damaged from the freezing winter weather. That is why you will need to provide them with some extra protection. One of the easiest and best way to winter-proof such pipes is by installing special heat cables over them. They come with many different lengths and are easy to use. A more budget-friendly solution, however, is to install insulation. You can use various materials for that but the most effective option is to wrap the pipes with fiberglass insulation and then to put plastic insulation over it.

Make sure your heater is in a good condition

Don’t worry – we are still talking about plumbing. The role of your heater or furnace in this context is more important that most people can imagine. If your heater breaks down out of the blue or fails to properly heat up your entire home, your plumbing system is at a risk. Therefore, make sure it is still working. Another great idea is to have a back-up heating solution like a spare fan heater, for instance. In that way, both you and your pipes will stay warm and cosy even when there is an emergency.

Call in a professional plumber

If you are not confident in your plumbing skills, consider hiring a licensed handyman in Enfield Highway EN3 or any London area in which you are currently based. A professional will know what to do and will have the right tools for the job. Booking a skilled plumber will cost you more than taking on a DIY approach but replacing a cracked pipe or fixing clogged drain comes at much greater price. So, choose wisely and carefully now and you will not regret it later.