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Pro Tips

Inexpensive home improvement ideas

Woman painting the wall

Do you want to make some improvements in the design and functionality of your home, without partying with lump sums of cash? The following cheap, but rather effective ideas would be perfect for you. Make over a whole room with a few small touches The colour and patterns on your walls are defining the character…

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No Hassle Household Improvements

Green ceiling and white walls

You have been living in the same house for over a decade and you are tired of looking at the same furnishings, walls and ceiling but you cannot remodel your household extensively due to a narrow budget. Here are several cheap and easy remodelling ideas that will certainly alter the appearance of your home without…

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Advantages of Living in the Borough of Harrow

If you are seeking to move home into some different neighbourhood in London, you should explore the selection of areas which the London Borough of Harrow has to offer. Don’t be quick to take this borough off of your list of preferences just because it is located in the north-western edges of the English capital….

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Important Tools Every Household Should Have

What are the first things that you should get when you buy your first house or when you start living on your own for the first time? Decorations, cutlery, pots and frying pans… Yes, yes and yes! But isn’t something missing from that list? Even if you have two left hands and you are not…

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Croydon’s Old Days Charm in a Modern World

Croydon Town Hall

The London Borough of Croydon enjoys great popularity among Londoners for a number of good reasons. Firstly, it is incredibly well linked to central London through the public transport network in the area, making it an attractive place for commuters in the English capital. Secondly, the borough is filled with good-quality amenities and work opportunities…

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Greenwich – A Borough with a Village Charm

Royal Naval College

Greenwich is the newest Royal Borough not only in London but in England as a whole. The borough was given this prestigious status just a few years ago, in 2012, to mark the Diamond Jubilee of Elizabeth II. But that was certainly not a random pick because Greenwich is certainly worthy of its Royal Borough…

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A quick tour of four districts in Ealing

Situated in the western parts of London, Ealing is the 11th largest borough in the English capital. It covers an area of 21.44 square miles and has an estimate population of 343.000 people. It was formed on the 1st of April, 1965 and is the location of numerous well-known monuments, places of interest, entertainment venues…

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Some great areas around Greenwich

Charlton House

Greenwich is a Royal Borough located to the east of Central London. As the name itself suggest, Greenwich is known for its extensive and very well kept open spaces. Naturally, the main claim to fame of the area comes from the fact that the Prime Meridian goes through the area and is often referred to…

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