Best Ways to Prevent Dust While Remodelling

Keeping dust under control while remodelling might be challenging but it is necessary. Not only will you have a clean job site, you will also keep your lungs healthy. Before you even begin your remodelling project, you need to make necessary preparations to ensure the dust is contained so it doesn’t find its way into all the corners of your home. We bring you useful, and yet often overlooked ways of keeping the dust you create from getting out of hand among which are:

  • Sealing off the work area
  • Protecting the floors
  • Finding a way to clean the air
  • Covering AV filters

Create a budget for containing the mess

Most people forget to include dust containment in their remodelling budget. However, even though this step might seem redundant, it is necessary, especially when larger projects are concerned. In order to avoid spending more money and time cleaning it all up at the end, make sure you set up a budget for dust containment at the beginning of your project. If you need some professional assistance, don’t hesitate to opt for reliable carpentry services in London.

Seal off the room

Before getting started on any renovation work, you have to prevent dust from traveling from where the work is being done to other rooms in the house. This is when plastic becomes your best friend. However, make sure to use a 4mm to 6mm thick plastic to seal off the room. Use tape to seal the top and sides and lay a board over the plastic at the bottom. You can add an adhesive-backed zipper for easy entry. Seal up all tears and cuts, even the smallest ones, to prevent dust outbreaks. Additionally, should you need help with any handyman services, contact a reputable handyman in Elmers End BR3.

Protect the floors

It’s important to find suitable protection for your floors in the room remodelling project is going on, as well as in the rest of the house, whether it is tile, wood, carpet or another type. This move will save you headaches in the long run. Create singular pathways using:

  • Rosin paper
  • A foam layer
  • Protective heavy duty plastic sheeting and other floor coverings

Clean the air

If you have a window in the room you are remodelling, be sure to use it to create more clean air. Install a box fan in the open window to help the air continue to circulate. You can also get a portable air cleaner to help clear the air you breathe. It’s not too expansive but it will help you reduce your risk of chronic respiratory problems. Also, instead of a dust mask, wear a respirator. These are designed to block 95% of small particles. Find the one that will fit you as they come in different sizes.

Cover heat & AC vents

The air circulates through air ducts and registers. But so does the dust. To prevent dust from circulating through your house, seal heat and AC vents with plastic and tape. It is also recommended to change out air filters once the project is completed.

Use vacuum shroud

Drill dust will no longer be a problem. By placing the dust shroud over the spot where you plan to drill, you will channel dust particles away from the work surface into the vacuum, which results in a cleaner working environment. It will also save time during clean-up.