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Furniture Delivery In London

Specialised furniture delivery is also included in our range of convenient and efficient handyman in London. Our furniture delivery is a cost effective alternative to most other services out there and can be requested in combination with any other options we have in store. Naturally most customers book their furniture delivery in combination with furniture assembly and/or furniture removal and disposal.

Convenience and flexibility

Furniture DeliveryOur furniture assembly is a truly convenient service designed to wrap around individual requirements and availability.

  • There is no limit as to how many or few furniture pieces can be delivered per customer;
  • We deliver any type and size furniture, including flat pack and free standing pieces;
  • Delivery of vintage/delicate/bespoke furniture can be combined with packing, wrapping and securing;
  • We are an independent company which means we collect and deliver furniture from any large manufacturer/retailer/importer or outlet and deliver to any customer specified address in UK;
  • We pick up and deliver furniture seven days a week, but for a quick and efficient service please provide us with any applicable paperwork (or copies) which needs to be presented as authorisation or proof of purchase at point of collection;

Safe transportation, quick delivery times

We understand that there is no room for loss or damage in specialised furniture collection and delivery. Because of this our qualified and experienced teams take all necessary measures to ensure safe handling and quick transportation of all items. In cases where manufacturer/factory packing is insufficient, flimsy or missing altogether our teams can perform (additional) packing and securing using high durability materials.

A very affordable solution

In all cases, our specialised furniture delivery service gives you the necessary value for money. Regardless of whether we deliver a single bed stand or entire kitchen and bedroom packages, we will offer the best possible price, leaving you with money to spare and a smile.