A quick tour of four districts in Ealing

Situated in the western parts of London, Ealing is the 11th largest borough in the English capital. It covers an area of 21.44 square miles and has an estimate population of 343.000 people. It was formed on the 1st of April, 1965 and is the location of numerous well-known monuments, places of interest, entertainment venues and districts.

Bedford Park, W4, is a suburb which lies in the southeastern parts of the borough on the border which separates it from the adjacent Borough of Hounslow. Bedford Park - BandstandIt is identified as a Conservation area as it is the location of numerous Grade II listed edifices. It is considered to be one of the greenest areas in Ealing as all trees in Bedford Park are protected due to the district’s status. This means that it is illegal to carry out work on the local trees without a license from the local authorities. The area is linked to the other parts of London by several bus routes which pass through it on a regular basis. The closest tube station is situated in the neighbouring district of Chiswick and sits on District and Piccadilly lines from the London Underground.

The area of Greenford is located in the northern parts of Ealing at exactly eleven miles from the junction of Charing Cross. It has a population of over 45.000 people and is one of the borough’s most populous suburbs. The London Motorcycle Museum is arguably the area’s most visited and well-known landmark. It was established in 1999 and as its name suggests it is dedicated to the evolution of the motorcycling industry in the United Kingdom. The venue display a large collection of items and some of its more notable exhibits are:

  • 298 cc Brown Precision from 1907
  • Rudge TT 3hp from 1921
  • 596 cc Scott Flying Squirrel from 1925
  • 980 cc Coventry Eagle Flying 8 from 1925
  • 499 cc Rudge Special from 1937
  • 998 cc Vincent Rapid Series ‘C’ from 1949
  • Norton Dominator from 1959
  • BSA Lightning from 1966

The Greenford Heritage Centre which showcases British-made domestic items from the 20th century is another popular local place of interest. Greenford, UB6, is among Ealing’s most desirable residential areas as its inhabitants can benefit from a wide range of public services including affordable handyman services in Greenford.

Hanwell is a town which occupies the central parts of the Borough of Ealing. It is the location of numerous prominent landmarks including the Hermitage which is a cottage orné built by Dr. George Henry Glasse in 1809. It is listed as a Grade II structure and is among the most visited places of interest in the borough. The HermitageSt. Mary’s Church is another well-known local edifice. It was designed by George Gilbert Scott and W.B. Moffatt and constructed during the first half of the 19th century. It was consecrated in 1842 and is classified as a Grade II* building. Hanwell, W7, is home to a number of high end educational facilities such as the Drayton Manor High School which was established in 1930 and presently has an estimate of 1.560 students from the ages of 11 to 18. It 2011 it gained academy status. The town just like the above mentioned area of Greenford offers a rich assortment of services to its inhabitants including repairman services in Hanwell. This means that local residents can easily maintain their homes in mint condition as they have an easy access to seasoned and skilled contractors who have the needed technical capacity to carry out handyman projects of any size and complexity.

The eponymous district of Ealing, W5, is situated in the western parts of the borough and has a population of over 110.000 people. The intersection of Charing Cross lies at about eight miles from the area. The district is identified as one of the major metropolitan districts in Greater London. The Ealing Studios are beyond any doubt the most famed landmarks of the area. As of date the complex is the oldest continuously working film making facility in the world. During the years are large number of prominent cinematic and television productions were filmed in the Ealing Studios. The district hosts several well-known festivals throughout the year. The most visited local events are the Ealing Music and Film Valentine Festival Blues Festival, Jazz Festival and Beer Festival.