Croydon’s Old Days Charm in a Modern World

Croydon Town Hall

The London Borough of Croydon enjoys great popularity among Londoners for a number of good reasons. Firstly, it is incredibly well linked to central London through the public transport network in the area, making it an attractive place for commuters in the English capital. Secondly, the borough is filled with good-quality amenities and work opportunities and, despite that, it is a generally quiet and serene spot. Therefore, it is only natural that Corydon is the most populated borough of London.

Village-like areas and old buildings

Croydon Town HallWhile Croydon is a well-developed borough, the fact that this outer London Borough is located right on the edge of the UK capital means that some of its districts and areas have a predominantly rural character. Such is the case with Coombe which is one of the few areas in Croydon that is underserviced by public transport. On the bright side, that offers locals a lot of privacy which is often a luxury in a cosmopolitan city like London. Many of the houses in Coombe are quite old and most of them have even preserved their original appearance and style. Nevertheless, locals have an easy time maintaining their aged properties thanks to the availability of trusted handyman services in Coombe CR0.

Also sitting on the edge of the capital is the district of Coulsdon. Although it is home to a number of industrial and automotive companies, this suburban area has an atmosphere that reminds more of that in the countryside than the one in most other parts of London. That is particularly the case in Old Coulsdon – the district’s central area which has preserved its village-like appearance and charm.

Similar to Coulsdon, Addiscombe’s history is strongly related to industry. The presence of clay deposits in the area provided excellent conditions for the development of brick-making in the past. As a result, a great percentage of the old homes in this area are solid. Even though the latter has helped them to stand the test of time, they still require proper maintenance which is why locals rely on experienced handymen in Addiscombe CR0 who are not only licensed and fully insured but who also have the skills and the equipment to do various repair jobs around such properties.

One of the greenest and most picturesque spots in the Borough of Croydon is the small South London area of Addington. When the borough was officially established in 1965, the area has already been part of Surrey for more than 9 centuries. Although Addington has been a London area for more than 50 years now, it almost seems as if it is trying to resist the big city’s urbanised preferences. Addington is still home to many old houses, vast open spaces, as well as to one of the oldest cricket fields in the country.

Exploring Croydon’s main settlement

Addington PalaceThe administrative heart of the borough is the town of Croydon. The place impresses with its size and is the most urbanised part of the London Borough of Croydon. In fact, it is one of the best shopping destinations in the English capital outside of city’s centre. Croydon is probably best known for its Whitgift Centre which is one of the biggest shopping centres in London. Over the past few years, the town has undergone an impressive regeneration but it still cannot completely break its ties with its countryside past. A quick walk around Croydon and you will see that the area is rich in historic buildings and constructions, among which is the 1808 Shirley Windmill. But namely, this mixture of contemporary and old makes Croydon such a special place. The availability of various public services in the area, including Goodman Handyman’s top-notch repair services in Croydon CR0, are yet another contributing factor to the town’s rising popularity.

A wealth of green parks

Due to the borough’s close proximity to the countryside, Croydon has over 120 parks and green open spaces. It is estimated that nearly a quarter of the borough’s territory is part of the Metropolitan Green Belt.