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Some great areas around Greenwich

Charlton House

Greenwich is a Royal Borough located to the east of Central London. As the name itself suggest, Greenwich is known for its extensive and very well kept open spaces. Naturally, the main claim to fame of the area comes from the fact that the Prime Meridian goes through the area and is often referred to…

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Why is Camden the Best Borough of London?

Camden Town - Regent's Canal

At the present moment London, the capital of England and one of the most important cities in Europe, consists of as many as 32 areas that are named boroughs. The modern day London boroughs were formed in 1965, after the major administrative reform that went down in all of England. Which is the best London…

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Westminster, the heart of Central London

The City might be the oldest part of the capital, and the place where some of the biggest and oldest companies in England are based, but it is truly Westminster that most people think of when they hear the name of London. The City of Westminster has the status of a borough. It lies just…

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