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Home Maintenance Chores You Need to Do Once a Year

Every responsible homeowner has a list of maintenance chores somewhere in the house. Maintaining a property in a good condition requires a lot of efforts and consistency. For example, every month you need to: Clean your sink disposal; Check your fire extinguisher; Clean air-conditioning filters; Most of these tasks do not take a lot of…

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Easy DIY Plumbing Tips and Tricks


Pluming work around your house might cause you headaches. But in order to avoid it, there are few simple and cost-effective ways to solve some of the most common household problems. To avoid costly service call, here are few tips you can follow, that will save you both money and time. How to unclog a…

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A Dilemma between Renovating and Replacing


It’s been years since you moved into your place, and the time has come to get some work done. You see the cracked tiles in the bathroom, damaged and scratched kitchen cabinets, faucets leaking, and other. However, people usually have a dilemma between choosing to renovate a bathroom, kitchen or other room in the house,…

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Key Things to Know When Childproofing a House

A toddler holding onto a stair gate

Even if you live in the world’s most secure and family-friendly neighbourhood, your kids’ safety still won’t be guaranteed if you do not childproof your home. This is not an expensive process but it does take some time. Also, you will need special tools and products to properly handle this job. That is why these…

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How to Spend Quality Time in Kingston upon Thames

Chessington World of Adventures

Kingston upon Thames is not only the oldest Royal Borough in the country but it is also one of the most beautiful London Boroughs. It is remarkably green and even though it is not an Inner Borough, Kingston upon Thames has an incredibly fascinating history. The borough is one of the most liveable parts of…

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Inexpensive home improvement ideas

Woman painting the wall

Do you want to make some improvements in the design and functionality of your home, without partying with lump sums of cash? The following cheap, but rather effective ideas would be perfect for you. Make over a whole room with a few small touches The colour and patterns on your walls are defining the character…

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No Hassle Household Improvements

Green ceiling and white walls

You have been living in the same house for over a decade and you are tired of looking at the same furnishings, walls and ceiling but you cannot remodel your household extensively due to a narrow budget. Here are several cheap and easy remodelling ideas that will certainly alter the appearance of your home without…

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Advantages of Living in the Borough of Harrow

If you are seeking to move home into some different neighbourhood in London, you should explore the selection of areas which the London Borough of Harrow has to offer. Don’t be quick to take this borough off of your list of preferences just because it is located in the north-western edges of the English capital….

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