Why is Camden the Best Borough of London?

Camden Town - Regent's Canal

At the present moment London, the capital of England and one of the most important cities in Europe, consists of as many as 32 areas that are named boroughs. The modern day London boroughs were formed in 1965, after the major administrative reform that went down in all of England.

Which is the best London Borough?

The truth is that in our day and time it is very hard, not to say impossible, to name the best borough of London. It all comes down to what exactly you are looking for. In Central London you will find upscale residential developments and busy streets, flooded by tourists. Some boroughs, such as Tower Hamlet and Croydon, contain major commercial areas where you will most probably find what is best for your career. There are bohemian quarters and typical suburbs. No matter what we say however, we cannot miss the simple fact that many people consider Camden to be indeed the most suitable choice for the price of the best of the London boroughs.

The case for Camden

Camden is located just to the north west of Westminster. The eastern half of the borough is considered to be part of Central London, which definitely contributes to the current status of the borough. There are both busy tourist locations and relatively quiet residential streets that are to be found here. In addition to Camden Town, NW1, the centre of the borough which gives its name to it, other major areas that are part of the borough include:

There is no need to say that these are among the most desirable residential areas in London at the present moment. Property prices in Camden at present are slightly higher than those in other parts of the capital, but we can assure you that if you choose to make that investment, it is going to be well worth it.

Another important aspect of the character of Camden is the fact that here you are going to find some pretty important landmarks. Tourists already know about them, as is evident by the constant stream of people who come to Camden during their visits to the capital. When you have some time to spare, just go and check out the following attractions:

  • Keats’ House
  • Russell’s Square
  • The London Zoo
  • Primrose Hill
  • Dickens House
  • Drama Centre London
  • Hatton Garden

This is only a small portion of the great tourist attractions but they are going to be enough for starters. For example, from Primrose Hill you will have the chance to enjoy one of the most astonishing views to Central London that is to be found anywhere today. The London Zoo is the oldest purpose built scientific zoo in the world, and definitely the place where your kids are going to love spending time at. There are also many beautiful parks, gardens and small independent museums that you should not miss your chance to get acquainted with while you are in Camden. As you may have already noticed, Camden has a relatively high concentration of literary museums. This is easily explained, because in the past Camden had the reputation of being a bohemian area and many artists and writers came to live here because of the relatively low costs of living.

Major public establishments in Camden

Lincoln's InnWhen talking about the area of Camden, we should also say a thing or two about the important institutions that are to be found here. Those include the likes of:

  • The Architectural Association
  • Birkbeck, University of London
  • The British Library
  • British Medical Association
  • The British Museum
  • Goodenough College
  • Lincoln’s Inn
  • The University of Law
  • University of London Union
  • Wellcome Trust
  • Working Men’s College
  • King’s Cross railway station

Museums, colleges, universities and scientific associations – all are to be found in the London borough of Camden, but what is even more curious – those are some of the most iconic locations in the present day capital of England as a whole. This should amount to something, right?